March 16, 2022

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195: Dynasty Review – Free Agent Madness/NFC South Part 1

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The Coaches continue their Dynasty Rewind Series with the NFC South They are joined by Emily H Lefco (@EmPowered_FF). While the division isn’t as interesting as others, the fantasy gods gave us massive QB trades!!!!

Of course follow your Coaches on Twitter too! Coach Steve (@coachstevenp), Coach Jibbs (@hotTakeHuncho) & Coach John (@FTLS__JBatts)

  1. News  
    • Last Weeks Madness(3:44)
      1. Franchise Tags Talk 
      2. Last weeks resignings 
      3. Amari Cooper Trade (13:09)
      4. The GOAT returns
      5. Watson News 
      6. Russell WIlson to DEN(22:00)
      7. Carson Wentz to WAS
    • Monday’s Madness(35:15) 
      1. New Signings
  2. Dynasty Rewind
    1. Tampa Bay Bucs(47:30)
      1. Vaughn as a Buc or Ronald Jones (anywhere Else) 
      2. Can Lenny Fournette succeed elsewhere?
      3. Do you want Chris Godwin?
    2. Carolina Panthers(56:00)
      1. How valuable is CMC to your fantasy team?
      2. Can DJ Moore reach the next leveL? 

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