March 13, 2022

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Amari Cooper to Cleveland

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Browns Receive: Amari Cooper, 2022 6th Rounder, Big money contract

Cowboys Receive: 2022 5th Rounder, 2022 6th Rounder

Fantasy Impact for the Browns Side

Amari Cooper

When you go from the 2nd most passing yards per game team to the 26th best team, it’s a significant download in fantasy value. Cooper’s new team over the last two seasons has not had a receiver over 85 targets. Cooper has been given a high target volume over his career. Besides one season, he has seen over 100 targets in six of his seven seasons. His quarterback is a big downgrade since Baker has struggled to be a strong quarterback in fantasy. Mayfield regressed as an accuracy quarterback in 2021 after being banged up early in 2021. If Mayfield can stay healthy, which has been an issue, he has produced two receivers over 130 targets in one season. It will be a shock if Cooper in this offense sees 120 plus targets in Cleveland. Cooper’s value has dropped so significantly that you might as well hold him at this point. He isn’t considered a top 20 receiver anymore now. “Rumors are that Watson to Cleveland could be a thing.” 

Baker Mayfield 

Of course, getting a Pro Bowl receiver is going to help Mayfield. I think Cooper fits the offense better than Beckham ever did. Cooper has shown the ability to separate from defenders and is probably one of the best route runners in the game. Cooper doesn’t come with that Alpha ego but nothing to Odell Beckham. Mayfield needs to work on his issues that getting one strong receiver isn’t just going to fix it overnight. He is still a low-end QB 2, and I’d likely look to sell off Mayfield if an owner thinks this will jump his production.

Other Fantasy receivers

If Jarvis Landy sticks around Cleveland, he could provide high-end WR 4 value that is consistent. He won’t be the WR 1 target on offense or to defenses. Landry is approaching that 29-year-old mark and could make a solid WR 4 or 5 on a contending fantasy team. Donovan Peoples-Jones hype going was building, but that likely is now over. He will continue to be a boom or bust WR 4 that could take one to the home at any time. The tight-ends in this offense will continue to be boom or bust players.

Fantasy Impact of the Cowboys Side 

Dak Prescott 

Of course, losing a Pro Bowl receiver hurts your fantasy value, but the good thing for the Cowboys is they have plenty of receivers. Cooper did account for a quarter of his touchdowns the last four seasons. Dak’s value shouldn’t fall by much at all because with re-signing some players, the Cowboys love to draft receivers even when they don’t need it. Dak will continue to have that rushing for fantasy too. Prescott should be considered a middle to low-end QB1 in fantasy. The potential to buy in Prescott has opened up if you want to acquire him. 

Ceedee Lamb 

Lamb is the official WR 1 on the Cowboys now. Lamb should be looking at possibly seeing 140 plus targets in 2022 and beyond. There are concerns that Lamb can handle the WR 1 role since he does still on and off play the slot role. He finished 2021 on a poor season stretch that he was barely a top 20 receiver. Lamb should continue to see a high target share in the offense, but it may be an excellent time to sell. Lamb is a WR 1, but if fantasy owners think he is on the level as Davante Adams and Justin Jefferson. If you can get a haul, then it’s a smart move.

Other Players

If Michael Gallup can return healthy, his fantasy value just took a nice bump up. Gallup could return WR 2 value being the second receiver in the offense like he did in 2019 before Lamb arrived. I’d like to hold on to Gallup because I believe he has the talent to do very well. Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys draft someone, which would ruin that. Dalton Schultz is locked to a top-six fantasy tight end since he should be more involved in the offense and see more targets without Cooper there.