March 25, 2022

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Davante Adams will be fine 

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With the recent trade of Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders, I have been seeing a lot of posts about how Adam’s fantasy relevance is gone and sell now before it’s too late. A lot of panic just because he is not going to be thrown to by Aaron Rodgers anymore. Now it is safe to say that Adams will never be as good with Carr as he was with Rodgers, but to say that he won’t be fantasy worthy is crazy. 

Adams played 9 games in 2017 without Rodgers. His QB in those 9 games was Brett Hundley. In those 9 games, he finished with 48 receptions, 556 yards and 6 TD’s. If you were to do his 17 game on pace numbers, that is 90 receptions, 1050 yards and 11 TD’s. 

I think it is pretty safe to say that Derek Carr is worlds better than Brett Hundley was. In his career, these are the receivers that have had pretty good seasons with Carr throwing him the ball. 

  • 2015-Michael Crabtree (146tgts, 85rec, 922yds, 9TD), Amari Cooper (130tgts, 72rec, 1070yds, 6TD)
  • 2016-Michael Crabtree (145tgts, 89rec, 1003yds, 8TD), Amari Cooper (132tgts, 83rec, 1153yds, 5TD)
  • 2017-Michael Crabtree (101tgts, 58rec, 618yds, 8TD), Amari Cooper (96tgts, 48rec, 680yds, 7TD)
  • 2020-Nelson Agholor (82tgts, 48rec, 896yds, 8TD) 
  • 2021-Hunter Renfrow (128tgts, 103rec, 1038yds, 9TD) 

None of these receivers have the athletic ability that Adams has and none of them with the exception of maybe Cooper have the ability to demand 10+ targets a game. In his time in Green Bay, Adams averaged 11.4 targets/game. Adams is the best WR that Carr has ever had in his career. I don’t see the Raiders trading for a receiver of Adams caliber and then not using him the same way that made him the best receiver in the game. He also has protection against double and triple teams in Vegas, with Waller and Renfrow already playing there. That is something that he has not had in Green Bay in a long time. I am not saying that Adams will finish as the #1 WR this year, or ever again, but he still has the ability to finish as a top 5-10 WR. If you can get amazing value for him, then by all means sell him. Just don’t panic sell him for undervalue just because he is no longer a Packer with Aaron Rodgers.

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